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TWIC Enforcement


In fiscal year 2019, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) surface inspectors conducted 2,176 site visits and inspected 64,756 Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWICs) using 39 field-issued TWIC readers.


Leveraging the efficiency and scalability of mobile applications, however, TSA recently completed field testing of an iOS application that will allow TSA surface inspectors to use iPhones for elements of TWIC verification. In addition to TSA’s iOS initiative, the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) continues to deploy new biometric TWIC readers among its Sectors for use by inspection personnel.


With new technology in hand at both agencies, facilities are likely to see more TWIC inspections in 2020. While the USCG enforces TWIC violations against the facility (typically because the facility failed to implement the TWIC provisions of its MTSA security plan under 33 CFR § 105.255), TSA enforces TWIC violations against the individual TWIC violator. Toward that end, in 2019, TSA issued 174 TWIC civil enforcement actions (53 momentary penalties and 121 warning letters).