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CFATS Outlier Initiative

As reiterated most recently in its 2019 CFATS Outreach and Implementation Plan, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is actively pursuing Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism (CFATS) “outliers” by cross-walking CFATS Top-Screen data with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Risk Management Program (RMP) data (among other sources) to identify facilities that have inaccurate, incomplete, or non-existent Top-Screens on file with DHS.
DHS has at least one Chemical Facility of Interest (CFOI) Analysts to help ensure Top-Screen compliance and identify possible CFATS outliers. The CFOI Analyst will contact a facility to inform it that DHS believes the facility is an outlier and direct the facility to submit (or update) a Top-Screen (or provide information as to why the facility is not required to submit a Top-Screen).