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TSA Grants Renewal Exemption for Hazardous Materials Endorsement

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will grant a temporary exemption for commercial truck drivers whose Hazardous Material Endorsement (HME) expired or will expire before the end of calendar year.
Because supply chain requirements have increased the demand for drivers with a valid HME, and increased HME enrollments have extended adjudication times for some drivers, TSA determined that it is in the public interest to grant a temporary exemption.
For the duration of this exemption, states may extend the expiration date for a period of up to 180 days for all HME credentials that expire between July 1, 2022 and December 27, 2022.

The exemption allows state licensing agencies to permit those with expiring, or recently expired hazardous material endorsements, to remain fully authorized by TSA to transport hazardous materials during this time period.